VP Electric is a family owned business, and we would love to have you join our team! We offer competitive wages, health insurance, vacation pay, retirement, paid holidays, and a great working environment. We also offer educational opportunities for apprentices.  Please email us at [email protected]   We look forward to working with you!


Experienced Journeyman

VP Electric, llc

Alpine, WY 83128
Job Type: Full-time


  • Experience:
    • Electrical, 4 years (Required)
  • License:
    • Journeyman Electrician (Required)

Full Job Description

VP Electric is looking for a full time journeyman electrician to work on residential and commercial locations for our busy electrical company. You will get your own company truck and work under the direction of a master electrician. We provide great benefits and offer a steady work schedule. You should have solid skills in troubleshooting and a good knowledge of proper safety procedures. We reward hard work and safety consciousness.

Job Responsibilities

  • Test electrical systems using tools that include voltmeters, oscilloscopes and ohmmeters to determine where issues may be occurring, the safety of the system and to ensure compatibility
  • Document actions, testing results, observations, final diagnosis of the situation and steps taken to resolve issues for each job or situation
  • Repair electrical issues by replacing or installing components, wiring or devices
  • Determine the steps necessary to assess an electrical situation using testing devices, blueprints and maps
  • Maintain a safe work environment by adhering to all company guidelines and OSHA safety requirements and also through reporting violations of policies, procedures and guidelines to immediate supervisor
  • Use ladders, scaffolding, platform and lifts to work on electrical systems in residential homes, on roadside poles and in commercial properties
  • Answer emergency calls quickly, assess the safety of the situation upon first arriving at the scene and provide directions to individuals affected by the electrical emergency to ensure their continued safety and comfort
  • Maintain equipment to ensure it is in good condition and can operate or be used safely; report any issues to immediate supervisor
  • Be able to adhere to job timelines

Job Skills & Qualifications Reqiured:

  • Completed electrician apprenticeship and hold a valid Wyoming Journeyman’s License
  • Proficiency with the National Electrical Code and local codes
  • Valid driver’s license and clean driving record
  • Ability to read blueprints


  • Previous experience working on residential and commercial electrical systems